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services & portfolio

Experience & capabilities

  • Combined 55 years of industrial & commercial construction experience

  • ISN Approved

  • General building & site maintenance

  • Preconstruction planning

  • Turnkey construction

  • Specialty product installation

  • Renovations

  • Value engineering

General contracting

General Contracting / Non-Restrictive  

# GCQA007725  

We are a licensed General Contractor that can manage multiple construction projects within our market. Our site management team is trained on the latest methods used in construction to execute complex construction and installation projects – all in accordance to the US and International Building Code. We are experienced at delivering all material, labor, equipment and services needed for complex, turnkey commercial installations.


We combine design, permit, and construction schedules to steam line the traditional three step design, bid, and build process. In a collaborative environment, we accelerate these tasks in an overlapping fashion to fast track our design/build capabilities. With this process we can significantly reduce the timeline, saving both time and money, as well as minimizing the risks for our clients. 


Commercial renovation is the most extensive area of our business. We understand that continuous function is essential during the renovation process, which is why we complete our projects with the utmost efficiency. Our top priority is meeting each client's needs and exceeding their expectations. 

commercial & light maintenance

Plumbing Contracting / Non - Restrictive


We provide in-house maintenance services that include commercial carpentry, plumbing, electrical, painting, drywall, finishing, welding, and equipment operations.